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    Manage and integrate all your
    data in a single system.

About K2BHealth

Guarantees top-level health care with automatic synchronization of the various operational and business actors involved.

K2BHealth Modules

Cut on costs and also improve services offered to patients by applying our modules.

K2BHealth is the only comprehensive system devised for managing the various models of health care organizations operating worldwide today that guarantees excellent care to patients.

Improves patient care.

Greater return on your investment.

Manages relevant and trustworthy information.

Centered on preventive and proactive care.

Reduces process cycle times.


A comprehensive system designed to manage the various types of health care companies that currently exist all over the world.

The system supports the current business model and its inevitable future updates.

Access to consistent data from all system modules is ensured.

It allows viewing patient medical records, scheduled services and account balances.

Only one service history
Every instance of services provided generates a service order that is stored in the system. In addition, it can be consolidated with management data for a unified view.